Clear View – A Day At The Beach

Picture this scene.

You are hanging out at the beach on the ocean with your family. It is a beautiful 80 something degree-day. The breeze is blowing just enough to keep the bugs off and to keep cooled off. As you glance around the beach you notice all the other families surrounding you. Laughter fills the air as people play games on the beach and swim in the ocean. There is one family where the father is trying to teach his daughter a new juggling trick. A little girl from another family approaches them and watches just feet away. She is just mesmerized by the balls flying in the air. This goes on for quite some time. At the same time, people are in the water trying to catch a wave to ride into shore while on their body boards.   Over and over they ride the waves in and out. Two children that have never met come together and ride the waves side by side giggling, enjoying each others company and the water. Suddenly there is a loud cheer from the beach. The daughter trying out the new juggling trick finally mastered it and the neighboring families all cheered her on.

So what is so significant about this scene you might be asking. Take a closer look. Dozens of people are on a public beach. They are all there for the same reason, a day at the beach with their family and friends. They all wanted to get out and enjoy the fresh ocean air and sea. Every age, gender, race and ethnicity is represented.   Laughter is being heard up and down the beach. People are interacting with other families that they have never met. They are being courteous to one another and sharing the joys of the day.

In the news we are hearing so much about people not getting along and acts of violence against other human beings that a day at the beach brings it all into prospective. If we can go to the beach and get along with all the other people that surround us from all different backgrounds and ethnicities, then why is it that we can’t take this back with us into our homes and jobs. Why is it that once we leave the beach it all changes? Why can’t we remember that good feeling when we get home? Close your eyes and picture the scene at the beach again. Listen to the laughter, remember the families meeting for the first time and getting along. Remember the two boys in the water enjoying each other company. The people at the beach were living in the moment, enjoying what life has to offer them. Not one unkind word could be heard that day on the beach. Just laughter and good times.

As our country is changing and evolving, we as American citizens need to come together and enjoy what has been given to us. We all come from different nationalities and faiths. This is what our country was built on. So no matter what color skin you have, what religions or political views you may have, we need to remember that feeling of peace and happiness we get when we go to the beach and mix together. Bring that feeling of getting along back home and take it to work with you each and every day because all lives matter!

Saara Leduc is the Spark Start Coordinator for Healthy Oxford Hills your local Healthy Maine Partnership and a project of Stephens Memorial Hospital. You can connect with her at 743-6898 or at Like us on Facebook at


Printed with Permission from the Advertiser Democrat