A Clear View – Letting Go

Letting Go!


Winter is officially here if we look at the calendar, but don’t look out the window. It may be 45 degrees outside but before you know it the cold weather will be creeping in and making everyone want to stay inside to stay warm. Resist the urge to stay in and get outside.

Whether it is a snowy afternoon or a sunny morning, fight the desire to stay in the warm house and get outdoors and enjoy this magical time of year. As Mainers, we are fortunate enough to see all the seasons that Mother Nature has to offer and wintertime is one of the most wonderful seasons that there is. There is nothing more delightful than going to bed with a brown yard and waking up to a white winter wonderland. The sparkle of the sun as it hits the soft white flakes of snow that is covering every object in sight. Sure there is snow to be shoveled and driveways to be cleared but if you just stop for a brief moment and listen to the quiet of a fresh snow you will find an inner peace that you didn’t know existed.   This may only last for a blink of an eye but remember that feeling. Often as adults we forget what makes us happy. We will look around and see that the children are jumping around in the snow and getting covered from head to toe in the fluffy white stuff having a blast with no care in the world. It is often hard for us adults to just “Let Go” and enjoy the things around us with that same carefree attitude. Our jobs, kids, family and many other things take up that precious time that we could be using to just enjoy life. Life is what you make of it and if the snow glistening off the top of the car makes you smile for even the faintest of moments, then soak in that moment. Ponder the feeling and enjoy it. Then you can start to shovel.

In todays’ society we are always on the move and not stepping back to enjoy the moment. Often we are trying too hard to capture that moment on our cell phones when what we should be doing is putting our phones down and joining in on the activities. So get outside and enjoy that freshly fallen snow. Build that snow fort with the kids or walk down the street admiring what Mother Nature has provided.


Saara Leduc is the Spark Start Coordinator for Healthy Oxford Hills, a Healthy Community Coalition and a project of Stephens Memorial Hospital. You can connect with her at 739-6222 or at s.leduc@msad17.org. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HealthyOxfordHills


Reprinted with permission from the Advertiser Democrat