A Clear View – Moving Beyond the Fog

Moving Beyond the Fog


I usually look forward to my turn in the cycle of authoring this weekly Clear View Article. It brings me back to college, a time when it felt like everything had a deadline, and I swore I did my best thinking at two in the morning- an argument any good procrastinator has used from time to time.

This week, however, I am a little less enthusiastic. I find myself typing on my iPad mini because when I sat down to use my computer, I learned I have been blocked for security reasons. No worries- an email has been sent to someone else’s address, which is actually quite worrying- does that mean they now have all my information? I would be writing this in the office, but I am home busy combing nasty little creatures from my sweet child’s head, all the while doing my best to reassure her that she is nit… I mean not the first person to have lice, and this too shall pass. This all feels like the tip of a melting ice berg, when I also factor in that one of my dearest friends and mentors has been diagnosed with breast cancer and our country feels deeply divided.


It can be exhausting being patient enough to wait for the sun to break through the clouds on the dreariest of days, but striking a balance of when to be persistent and when to be patient is a skill worth practicing.

I am going to take a breath and practice- what requires patience and what requires persistence? Perhaps all those worries and angst need a balance of both. In the meantime, I can begin to see some sunlight coming in: I have much to be thankful for. Computer issues seem pretty insignificant when I consider more pressing concerns, lice seems like a rite of passage, and frankly just an annoyance. The cancer diagnosis on the other hand will take more patience and less persistence on my part. It is a cruel disease that affects all of us, and while it works hard to suppress the people it affects, it is often met with resilience, persistence and strength by those who fight it. I won’t even pretend to know how to proceed with the state of our country weighing heavily on my mind. I imagine it will take the most delicate of balances between patience and persistence. It is our opportunity to come together and see ourselves in a different light.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Look for a Clear View.


Sarah Carter is a Nutrition Educator with Maine SNAP-Ed and is based out of Healthy Oxford Hills, your local Community Health Coalition and a project of Stephens Memorial Hospital. You can contact her at sarah@healthyoxfordhills.org or by calling 739-6222.


Reprinted with permission from the Advertiser Democrat