Clear View – Oh those packed lunches

Oh those packed lunches

On my drive to work this morning I noticed just a touch of red in the swampy area that is the first to sound the alarm that fall is on the way. It has been a glorious summer with such wonderful weather and fun-filled days. Darkness is creeping in earlier, giving notice that the season is soon to change. Despite the wonderful summer I do welcome fall and the structure that it presents.

One of the biggest things to offer structure is school. A schools bus just passed my office window, no doubt getting prepped for the school days ahead. Soon the busses will be filled with children’s smiling faces.

Starting to get your child(ren) used to a routine ahead of school helps with the transition. This means getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning. It is good to start eating breakfast, lunch and snacks around the times your child will eat when school is in session.

My children were cold lunch kids. It is fun to see all the little containers that are now available at stores that you can pack things in, such as sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and blueberries. This is a good practice to do year-round . Studies have found that having these foods prepped and ready to grab-and-go is the best way to get your children to have a healthy snack.

Enjoy packing your child’s lunch and all that goes with getting ready for school. When my children were young it seemed I would be making lunches forever. Now I know it is a special time in your children’s life that you’ll miss when they move on to new horizons (i.e. college). Enjoy.


Kate Goldberg is a nutrition educator at Healthy Oxford Hills, your local Healthy Community Coalition and a project of Stephens Memorial Hospital.


Reprinted with permission of the Advertiser Democrat