A Clear View – A Year of Community Support

A Year of Community Support

As 2016 comes to a close and we prepare to welcome 2017, I think it’s important to reflect back on this past year and all that has happened. Many times throughout 2016 we have heard of events happening across the world, within our own country, and our own communities that have been both sad and wonderful. Regardless of these events, one trend that I have been able to notice every single time is how people come together to support each other. We have rejoiced together, mourned together, and used our collective voice to work towards positive change together. The most important thing about mentioning this is that we have supported each other. We have figured out a way to utilize this wonderful technology, that the vast majority of us have access to, for good. We have encouraged people that we have never met before, as well as those we have known our whole life.

In the age of social media, it can often feel like we are less connected to our surroundings by exchanging the majority of our communication without actually speaking or interacting with people, but the technology we have allows us to connect with so many more people. In this fast paced world that we live in many times people can feel as though they are not valued, or that people have forgotten about them. Showing people, in any way that feels right, that we care can make a large and lasting impact, especially around this time of year. Let’s continue this wonderful trend of caring for others into the New Year.


Taylor Owens is a Program Coordinator at Healthy Oxford Hills, a project of Stephens Memorial Hospital. For supportive resources call Healthy Oxford Hills at 739-6222 or visit their website www.healthyoxfordhills.org