COVID-19 Vaccine facts from local medical experts

Looking for reliable information about the COVID-19 vaccine? Check out this presentation by two medical professionals who have been at the center of Stephens Memorial Hospital’s community vaccination clinic. Stephen Charles, Director of Pharmacy at Stephens Memorial Hospital, and Bonnie Roth, Senior Director of Practice Operations at Western Maine Health, delivered the presentation in mid-March. While there are new developments around the virus and the vaccine all of the time, the information is still valid.

Covid-19 Vaccine Overview

According to recent data, Oxford County lags behind Maine’s counties in terms of people who have received their first vaccination and their final dose. Our adults over 70 (for whom the virus poses a serious threat) are far less vaccinated than those elsewhere in the state. We hope that this information from local medical experts helps to build confidence in vaccination as a safe and effective tool for protecting the health of our community members and helping us to move towards life beyond the pandemic.

This presentation was originally given at a Zoom gathering hosted by SeniorsPlus, River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition, and the Oxford County Wellness Collaborative. The three agencies partnered to host a series of calls for older adults to connect around important topics.


Polly Burke, age 77 and mother to River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition’s Executive Director Allie Burke, receives her COVID-19 vaccination recently.