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Schauffler Brendan
Network Facilitator
Oxford County Wellness Collaborative
Phone: (207) 744-6191
Brendan Schauffler is the Network Facilitator for the Oxford County Wellness Collaborative, based out of Healthy Oxford Hills. In this role he helps to support collaboration among numerous partners including those serving on the Collaborative’s workgroups. He helps with boosting the capacity of the group by aiding in strategic alignment and supporting the Collaborative’s Steering Committee. Brendan has a professional background in project management, writing, editing, and crafting messaging for marketing and outreach, supporting collective impact work, and public health. He has completed extensive graduate studies in community planning and development. He lives in Norway with his wife and two children, and spends his spare time at the gym, swimming, playing and reading with his kids, DJing, watching nature documentaries, and gardening.