Healthy Community Gatherings


The current priority of the Community Engagement work group is the Healthy Community Gatherings opportunity that the OCWC has started with grant funds received from MeHAF (Me. Health Access Foundation), plus supporting funding from the Bingham Program and the Betterment Fund.

The goal of the Healthy Community Gatherings is to bring people together across Oxford County to create a shared vision for a healthier county. In the process, we want to build a sense of belonging and ownership. With a connected, caring, and empowered community, we will be better able to make the sort of changes that will help us change our vision into a shared reality.

Special attention is being paid to make sure that ALL voices are included, especially those of people who are often left out of community decision making. In order to do this invitations are being given to people and organizations who are not typically involved in decision making to get involved with Healthy Community Gatherings to share what’s important to them regarding health and wellness.

The Collaborative believes that together we have the power to strengthen the way people relate to each other and work side-by-side on common challenges that affect our lives.

Healthy Community Gatherings have recently been held in the Oxford Hills, River Valley, and Bethel areas, and there are plans to schedule more across the county.
For more information about the Oxford County Wellness Collaborative or the Healthy Community Gatherings, please contact Brendan Schauffler.