Oxford County Wellness Collaborative

What is the Oxford County Wellness Collaborative?

The Oxford County Wellness Collaborative came into being in 2011 in response to publication of the 2010 County Health rankings, which scored Oxford County as 16th out of 16 counties in Maine in overall health. Comprised of many partners from across the county, the vision of the OCWC is that “Oxford County is the healthiest county in Maine and one of the most desirable in which to live, work, and raise children.”

OCWC currently meets regularly and welcomes input as well as new partners as it works to become the central hub of activity that supports the transformation of Health and Wellness in Oxford County.

There are five subgroups that have formed under the Collaborative and people are welcome to join one or more of interest: Healthy Eating, Active Living, Community Safety, Behavioral Health and Community Engagement.

Visit the website here: ocwcmaine.org

For more info or to get involved, please contact Brendan Schauffler, OCWC Coordinator – CLICK HERE