Riverside Trail

Connecting the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School and Oxford Hills Middle School, the Riverside Trail is a mile-long multi-use trail. It is used year-round for a variety of activities, including walking, jogging,  and snowshoeing. The trail’s surface is packed stone dust, making a portion of it suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, although there is one small set of stairs that prevents passage from one end to the other on wheels.

The trail is largely wooded and follows the Little Androscoggin River, running closest to the river on the Middle School side of the trail. The 1.2 mile Viking Trail branches off of the Riverside Trail and winds through wooded lowlands along the river, connecting to the Riverside Trail at the trailhead at the high school, and again at about the midway point of the Riverside Trail. Maps of the trails are available at Maine Trail Finder.

The trail was made possible through funding from the New Balance Foundation and the efforts of local partners including Western Maine Health, Healthy Oxford Hills, SAD #17 and the Paris and Norway Recreation Departments. The trail took four years to completed and opened in 2011.

river trail