Prescription Drug Safety and Disposal

Prescription Drug Disposal

Incorrectly disposing of your unused or expired prescription drugs can be dangerous for both the community and the environment. Luckily there are resources available to help you safely get rid of them. The following local police departments are willing to take all prescriptions and over the counter medications, no questions asked, during regular business hours.

Oxford Police Department – 701 Main Street

Norway Police Department  – 19 Danforth Street

Paris Police Department – 13 Church St






Prescription Drug Addiction Prevention

The Substance Abuse Task force has been working together with other local agencies to raise awareness and assist in creating safe ways to handle unused or unwanted medications, as well as reduce the instances of unprescribed use.

Project Aware is a youth advocacy group that addresses real issues through mobilizing teens to present these issues through theater and videos.

Project Aware’s first video was called “Falling” and deals with one youth’s fall into prescription drug abuse as the result of trying to cope with a serious sports injury.

Please visit the treatment resources page for more information about treatment options.