Help for Quitters

Local Support supplement state Help Line.

Maine Tobacco HelpLine: 1-800-207-1230

A smoker is two to three times more likely to quit with help than when trying to quit on their own. The help line offers free nicotine replacement aids to people who qualify.

Healthy Oxford Hills staff are trained to help people decide to quit and to stay quit once they have made the decision. Call to recieve our pamphlet with local tobacco resources.

On-Line Support provides quitters an on-line partnership with other quitters, gives quit tips and stories that have been shared by their members, as well as other free support. They also provide on line counseling for a monthly fee. is hosted by Joel Spitzer, an authority in the development and implementation of smoking cessation and prevention programs for over 30 years. This is the web-site to go to for motivation, education, and support for cold-turkey nicotine cessation.

On-Line Forum

Quitza is the worlds first social smoking cessation network. With several thousand members – we are growing by the minute. Helping people quit smoking one cigarette at a time.

Studies have shown that people who use offline support groups to help them quit smoking are 30% more likely to be successful in quitting permanently. However despite this well documented advantage, for most people quitting continues to be be a solitary experience. Every day people are combating nicotine withdrawal symptoms alone, and often in the dark. Please visit  for more information.