How to earn Work Healthy! Rewards

These awards are earned by businesses and organizations that show an investment in their employee’s health & wellness through policy, environment, and/or work culture.


Since smoking is the #1 preventable cause of disability and disease in Maine, the basic qualifier of an award is a smoke-free worksite policy.

After assuring a competent tobacco policy and supporting workers with self-help and tobacco treatment resources, a Merit Award is given.

Worksites earn higher recognition when they support good health through prompts, incentives, and opportunities for any of the following:

  • Physical activity – stretching, walks, gym memberships, fitness tips
  • Nutrition – the availability of healthy snack alternatives, newsletters with wellness tips and recipes, or incentives & prompts to buy local vegetables
  • Access to stress reduction, substance abuse prevention support, promotion of health screenings, incentives to quit smoking or make other healthy choices

Sequence of Awards – GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, MERIT

A Merit Award is a great way to enter into the Work Healthy1 initiative and reaching the Gold Standard is something to strive for.  The hope is that GOLD worksites will deepen their wellness initiatives yearly, keeping in step with new health discoveries while tapping their community resources to promote health & wellness.

There is no cost to enter this Tri-County (Oxford, Androscoggin, and Franklin) recognition opportunity.

Call or email Healthy Oxford Hills, a project of Stephens Memorial Hospital to sign up.  CLICK HERE

Our program coordinators offer a wide variety of wellness support and resources to community businesses and organizations at no charge.

Healthy Oxford Hills Work Healthy Recognition Program